Shanna Mellott’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger:  Shanna Mellott, Senior English, Cache High School

Twitter: @lsmellott

Designing my classroom started in May when I knew that I would be teaching seniors and moving to a different building. I created a plan for the design. I decided to do away with a teacher’s desk and desks for the students. Instead, I will use chairs and tables. The chairs are around the Smartboard; this area is for discussions about the material. The tables are for the days that we reading and writing to do. I want my students to get up and move, not just sit and take notes. The pictures show the progress that has been made since June. The room had a baby blue color, which was painted black and white with red in the middle by the Smartboard. I also designed several objects to go in the classroom. Think of this room as a Victorian Gothic/Elizabethan design.

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