Megan Cannon’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Megan Cannon (@), 6th/7th Grade STEM teacher Sapulpa

MCannon4 MCannon3 MCannon2 MCannon1

We haven’t seen a dirt bike theme before; I love the bright red and flags. She’s got some really nice details like the border on her chalkboard. I am super jealous of her exit door; I wish I could go outside as easily.

STEM classrooms are the staging area for a lot of different activities so I enjoyed the open (hardwood!) floor, even though I know she is still looking to add more tables for collaborative work. Her storage needs are great but I really like how everything is labeled and she has community supplies. Megan has made such an effort to make her students welcome; it looks like they will have a lot of fun this together year.

Rockstar Math Teacher’s Growth Mindset #NotReadyTour

Challenger:  Rockstar Math Teacher (@RoxyGirlTeacher), actually of California but I am claiming it as an outpost of #Oklaed now. We’re national like that 🙂

Blog: Rockstar Math Teacher 

Rockstar Math’s growth mindset math classroom kills me! First of all, I appreciate a fellow teacher who likes natural light. Then let’s talk about her walls, they are full of stylish inspiration without being cluttered. I know this is the #NotReadyTour, but she looks ready for students to me!

Please check out her detailed blog posts here: Be sure to click on her images for the full size.

Traci Richardson’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Traci Richardson, Science, Stillwater High School

Twitter: @scienceteachtk

According to Traci, “Still not ready. But my AC is working today & I have all my tables (still not enough chairs).”

I think her classroom looks just grand so far. I love the blue and yellow walls and different tables. I’m also jealous that her poles are blue -mine are gray and horrible. I’d like to see that bookcase up close -is it red? Is it orange? I’m also curious about the posters above the yellow and gray chevron bulletin board? Finally, where are the snakes?

TRichardson1 Trichardson2

Megan Veldhuizen’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Megan Veldhuizen, Pre-K to 5th Grade Computer Science Teacher, Woodlawn Hills, Lawton

BlogLearning Lab

Twitter: @mrsveldhuizen 

Megan’s “tech space will include STEM project-based learning projects. She is hoping her Donors Choose projects get her more Makerspace items” as well. It’s hard to design a classroom when you are limited by the requirements of desktop computers but Megan’s done a great job. I am most intrigued by the green screen and what kind of projects she has in mind. I also love the Bunsen and Beaker bulletin board. She’s got a great eye for detail and style, as you can probably tell from her logo.


Amy Fine’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Amy Fine, 6th Grade Math, Sequoyah Middle School, Edmond

Blog Post: It’s Fine in the Middle

Amy posted her challenge on her blog ( and I was super impressed by her seating options. Besides the surprise of the baby in the corner and bright red carpet squares, I liked seeing the DIY standing desks and can’t wait to hear her students’ response. She’s got great use of color and I am excited every time I see that in outside of elementary. Other highlights for me included the easily accessible Remind QR codes and the bright yellow cabinet cover.

Cathy Benge’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Cathy Benge, Library Media Specialist, Longfellow Middle School, Enid

Twitter: @cathybenge1

Cathy is a veteran teacher turned first-year librarian taking no prisoners. One of the main features of her library will be a makerspace so big she had to take a panorama. All captions below are from Cathy.




Above: “More freebies for the Makerspace that need to be put away.”


Above: “Need to find a better way to keep wooden letters on textured wall!”


Above: “Classroom items waiting to be ‘dealt with’ from my move to library media.”


Above: “A basket of headaches” – cables that need to be matched up to their machines.



Amy Watkins’ #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Amy Watkins, Library Media Specialist, Central Middle School, Lawton

Amy invited me to her beautiful library earlier this week but I took so many pictures, I wasn’t sure how to best use them. I ended up narrating a photo tour on Youtube but I apologize for the delay.

Amy was extremely fortunate in that when the architect was working on her building, he worked out of the library so she was able to offer input on certain features such as the central location of the circulation desk. She has a large space but it has to be used for many purposes and groups. I really like her out-of-the-box ideas and resourcefulness as well as her theme “Read! And go along for the ride…” Even though she’s accomplished so much, she keeps the projects going. I can’t wait to see what she adds.