Megan Cannon’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Megan Cannon (@), 6th/7th Grade STEM teacher Sapulpa

MCannon4 MCannon3 MCannon2 MCannon1

We haven’t seen a dirt bike theme before; I love the bright red and flags. She’s got some really nice details like the border on her chalkboard. I am super jealous of her exit door; I wish I could go outside as easily.

STEM classrooms are the staging area for a lot of different activities so I enjoyed the open (hardwood!) floor, even though I know she is still looking to add more tables for collaborative work. Her storage needs are great but I really like how everything is labeled and she has community supplies. Megan has made such an effort to make her students welcome; it looks like they will have a lot of fun this together year.

Rockstar Math Teacher’s Growth Mindset #NotReadyTour

Challenger:  Rockstar Math Teacher (@RoxyGirlTeacher), actually of California but I am claiming it as an outpost of #Oklaed now. We’re national like that 🙂

Blog: Rockstar Math Teacher 

Rockstar Math’s growth mindset math classroom kills me! First of all, I appreciate a fellow teacher who likes natural light. Then let’s talk about her walls, they are full of stylish inspiration without being cluttered. I know this is the #NotReadyTour, but she looks ready for students to me!

Please check out her detailed blog posts here: Be sure to click on her images for the full size.