Megan Veldhuizen’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Megan Veldhuizen, Pre-K to 5th Grade Computer Science Teacher, Woodlawn Hills, Lawton

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Twitter: @mrsveldhuizen 

Megan’s “tech space will include STEM project-based learning projects. She is hoping her Donors Choose projects get her more Makerspace items” as well. It’s hard to design a classroom when you are limited by the requirements of desktop computers but Megan’s done a great job. I am most intrigued by the green screen and what kind of projects she has in mind. I also love the Bunsen and Beaker bulletin board. She’s got a great eye for detail and style, as you can probably tell from her logo.


Amy Watkins’ #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Amy Watkins, Library Media Specialist, Central Middle School, Lawton

Amy invited me to her beautiful library earlier this week but I took so many pictures, I wasn’t sure how to best use them. I ended up narrating a photo tour on Youtube but I apologize for the delay.

Amy was extremely fortunate in that when the architect was working on her building, he worked out of the library so she was able to offer input on certain features such as the central location of the circulation desk. She has a large space but it has to be used for many purposes and groups. I really like her out-of-the-box ideas and resourcefulness as well as her theme “Read! And go along for the ride…” Even though she’s accomplished so much, she keeps the projects going. I can’t wait to see what she adds.

Amy Stockton’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Amy Price, 3rd/4th grade Split, Washington Elementary, Lawton

Amy recently learned she’d be teaching a 3rd/4th grade split this year so she’s got big changes coming. FYI if you need any help creating an amazing planner, she’s the one to contact. Her style and attention to detail are inspiring. You should see what she can do with washi tape.

Here’s her “video walk through BEFORE THE FABULOUSNESS.” Super observant people may spy the enormous storage closet – it is a legitimate coat room, just another advantage of working in a century old building.