Heather Murr’s #NotReadyTour

Challenger: Heather Murr, Spanish, Cache High School

The first thing that struck me about Heather’s classroom was all the color! I may have painted my classroom black but my favorite color is rainbow. From the flags to the decorations on the high shelf, it looks positively festive. I would love to see a few pictures of the different ways the students use the room; it sounds so flexible. I am also dying to know what is in the white, green, and blue bags hanging off the desks? Can we get a close up?

In Heather’s words: “At most I’ll have 30 kids. It looks like a lot of desks since its a table and chair per kid really. I move my desks and chairs based on the activity so most of the time they have a partner. Sometimes they’re in groups of 4, sometimes [they’re] in a circle for conversation etc. I’m hoping to find a small bookcase to make a “center” with magazines and books in Spanish, puzzles etc for students who finish work early or need resources for assignments. I also need to create something to store the classroom set of headphones I just got and possibly room for an iPad cart. This room is shrinking by the minute!”

Update from Herself: “The bags hold Spanish/English dictionaries. If I was allowed to paint I so would do something wild!”